How to Spot Mice or Rats in the Home

Mice and rats are small in size but are able to create a lot of destruction. These small organisms can be agents of various diseases, one of these is the plague. Additionally, they can also do physical damage to our property such as furniture, walls etc. It is very necessary to get rid of these pests. But spotting them at your place is the basic priority. As if you’re able to spot them, you can easily get rid of them. So, the methods by which you can spot these rats or mice are as follows-

Mice or Rats in the Home
  • Droppings – Mouse droppings are small pellet or bullet-shaped, dark black or brown coloured structures. Basically, it’s the excreta of these organisms. Generally, it is found near the places where there is rat or mice infestation. These droppings get dry after some time. So, you can get an idea of the pest infestation by seeing or following these droppings. The highest number of droppings show the largest and optimum rat hiding place,
  • Rat Nests – Rats are small creatures, so they don’t need too much space to live. They are in search of a safe place where they get food to eat. They generally feed on cardboard boxes and newspapers, Therefore, the place where you’ll find the maximum number of torn papers or bitten cardboard boxes will be the pest nest. You need to observe these places.
  • Gnaw Marks – Gnaw marks also known as badly bitten marks are generally found on food packaging or the structure of the house itself. Recently made gnaw marks are lighter in colour. You need to find these gnaw marks as these are the common passage for the rats to move from one place to another. You need to observe that these marks are often used by rats or not.
  • Foul Smell – Rats or mice pass through bad grooves or some unclean areas. Also, their dropping and urine don’t get cleaned. Therefore, you will observe foul smell from the places where rats live or the places through which they pass. If an infestation is large, you may also detect an ongoing stale smell coming from hidden areas, indicating an active infestation.
  • Track Runaways – You can also track the runaways for these creatures. You just need to observe the small, hidden and unchanged spaces through a flashlight. While tracking needs time and patience.

Get A Professional Help

Having professional help is always better to do anything. Because they have the experience and the proper skills to do their rats and mice control work. Finding or following rats or miles is not an easy job for an individual. As it’s time-consuming and hard. In such a situation book a pest control Moonee Ponds service. We are the best pest control agency in Moonee Ponds and all the nearby suburbs. We detect the root cause of pest infestation and the common places where they hide. Also, we provide extermination services for rats and mice. So, call us as soon as possible on 03 4050 7720.